A few years ago, wrap platforms were sufficiently new and different that most people had never seen one.

Today, the market is maturing and their adoption amongst the portion of the population that actively invests is high.

Wraps run on very low margins and most still make a loss, betting on achieving sufficient scale that they will make money “one day”.

The challenge, therefore, is cost effective innovation – bringing out new products and features that capture the imagination of the market, but doing so in a way that is simple, very highly usable, requiring no manual intervention and cheap to build & operate.

The difference between a business analyst and a solution consultant is that the solution consultant can act in the propositional sphere as well as the IT one, using their expertise to consult on the “stuff” that the platform might do, identifying the items that should be best overall and suggesting the ways that the selected items could be delivered.  In short, it’s a lot of the shaping work that traditionally business analysts don’t get the opportunity to do.

Ryder Analysis Services has a proven track record in this sphere and will be happy to put you in touch with happy customers.

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