A solution consultancy specialising in the design of Wrap Platforms.

Services Offered:

  • Analysis of business problems
  • Identification of potential solutions
  • Design of systems to support the chosen solution
  • Analysis and update of business processes to support the chosen solution
  • Consultancy during test, implementation and warranty periods
  • Training of subject matter experts

A dedicated domain for the testing of platform alerts and notifications is also offered.

Recent Projects:

  • Analysis and Design Lead for the AXA Wealth Elevate platform’s implementation of RDR1
  • Delivery of corporate action reporting solution
  • Overhaul of stockbroking functionality, delivering a solution that aggregates trades placed in the market
  • Significant usability improvements for new business customer journeys
  • Provision of a platform report detailing inflows, outflows and time weighted rates of return
  • Design of a system for allowing advisers to quickly generate new business pension illustrations on platform
  • Design and customer testing of a pension income review pack detailing the client’s various arrangements, reviewing income received to date and including some illustrative content

Current Engagement:

  • Provision of a new wrap platform to support the pension flexibility changes outlined in the Chancellor’s April 2014 budget, focussing on the investment aspects of the delivery.


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