Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

Theodore Roosevelt

Corporate Social Responsibility is a grandiose term for what everybody should be doing any way.  It simply means that we try to improve the world around us for the benefit of everybody.

At Ryder Analysis Services, the vision is a clear one – to provide support to projects that are likely to generate a tangible benefit.

The commitment to changing the world is simple: 10% of corporate earnings after interest and tax, expressed as a mixture of cash and its time equivalent.



Ryder Analysis considers projects on the following basis:

  • Value for money: 7/8 of all incoming money must reach those it is intended to help.  This value is to be calculated gross of gift aid and there are no exclusions for payment processing, advertising, executive perks, etc.
  • Credible success criteria: it needs worthwhile goals that are realistically likely to be met
  • Usefulness: many goals are worthwhile without necessarily yielding a useful, practical result.
  • Opportunity cost: the amount a project will achieve per unit of investment will be considered relative to alternative projects

Current projects:

  • Apopo – organisation that trains animals to sniff out TB in laboratory samples, and the explosives in landmines.  Apopo has cleared millions of square meters of land and saved many lives through this work.
    (Note the animals used in landmine detection are too light to set off landmines and as such are able to carry out their work in relative safety.)
  • Besom In Bristol – many people wish to help those around them (typically DIY or gardening). Besom finds projects (from professional referrers such as social workers) for groups of time givers to fulfil.
  • New Project – Ryder Analysis Services will be setting up a new organisation in 2015/6 to help poor people to become more financially self sufficient and take control of their future.  This is a large project, it will take time to launch and take up the majority of RAS’ giving for the foreseeable future.  More information will be available soon.

Audit: A short breakdown of CSR expenditure is available on request.

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